Uncovering Yale’s treasures with YPA and AYA

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Uncovering Yale’s treasures with YPA and AYA

Want to unravel two mysteries: (a) what are Yale’s residential colleges really like? and (b) where do Yale alumni congregate when they return to campus? Steve Blum, and the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), are happy to help.

On February 24 (4-530pm), Steve and the AYA invite you on two back-to-back tours. We’ll all meet at Rose Alumni House (RAH): 232 York Street – the home of Yale’s alumni. First we’ll walk across the street into Branford College, where Steve lives (he’s a Resident Fellow there). Steve will show us Branford’s world-famous courtyard along with various inside spaces where Yale College (Branford) students spend their time while not in class. Then we’ll return to RAH – once the fraternity house for more than one US President, and now the campus “home” for Yale’s 160,000 alumni – where Steve will walk us around and then offer us refreshments.

Unfortunately, this event is full, but we hope to have a similar event very soon! Let us know if you would be interested at ypa@yale.edu.

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