YPA’s Postdoc Orientation 201

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Join the YPA as we hear from many groups/cores on-campus, including:

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Office of Career Strategy

The Office of International Students and Scholars

Cushing Medical Library

Humanities Library

Center for Science and Social Science Information

Electron Microscopy Core

X-Ray Crystallography Core


Intravital Imaging Core

Confocal Microscopy Core

Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Clean Room, Atomic Force Microscopy and Focused ion-beam Microscopy Core

and more!

Each group will speak about what they offer for about five minutes and afterwards you will get a chance to talk to the representatives from these groups and get brochures and other materials they have.

Lunch will be served!

The Postdoc Orientation 201 will be offered twice a year, so if you miss the first time you will definitely get a chance to participate again soon.


If you are a part of or know of another group that you think should be a part of this event, please contact us at ypa@yale.edu.

Register Here!