Public Safety Awareness Briefing by the YPD

On June 24th 2021, representatives of the Yale Police Department, including Chief Higgins and his colleagues, provided a public safety awareness briefing, covering safety services, tips, and other valuable information to Yale Postdocs and ARS.
Motivation: In reaction to the tragic death of Kevin Jiang on February 2021, Yale postdocs expressed concerns about to public safety. In February, the YPA and members of our Advocacy committee had a meeting with some postdocs, to hear their main concerns. Such meeting led us to launch a survey in early March, to hear the concerns from the broad postdoctoral community, which results can be accessed on Via such survey, postdocs expressed interest to hear more about the work done by the YPD, and shared with us some questions about public safety.
In this video, some of those questions are answered, and the YPD shares key public safety tips to the postdoctoral community at Yale.