Involvement Opportunities

Yale Postdocs! Have you attended a YPA event and enjoyed social and professional enrichment? YOU too can be involved in bringing excellent resources and assistance to other Yale Postdocs. The YPA has many ongoing initiatives and we are looking to add new ones. Thus, the YPA is actively looking for postdoc volunteers for the following exciting projects.

If you see a project or committee on this list that interests you, and/or you have an idea of your own and want to get involved in a committee, email us at! Also, please join us at our monthly meeting. 

Involvement Opportunities in the YPA:

Community and Networking Committee

  • Join us as a committee member – We organize events to bring together postdocs from all departments to build a strong community; such as YPA Happy Hours, Last Saturday at the Museum, Salsa and Painting classes, various group trips and many more. Being a member of our committee provides a great chance to meet people and develop soft skills such as communication or event management. You will also have the opportunity to develop new initiatives with the help of resources available through the whole YPA and Yale network. So don’t hesitate and just join us. More at

Professional Development Committee

  • Join our Individual Development Plan Work Group - We will strive to improve the Postdoc experience right from the start of their time at Yale by developing an improved individual development plan. We will explore how to improve goal-setting and managing expectations between Postdocs and their supervisors, improving both personal and career development.
  • Help us organize the second annual Postdoc Symposium - Following the great success of this year’s first annual YPA Postdoc symposium, we will be hosting a second edition in June 2019. Join the Postdoc Symposium Organization Committee to gain experience in one of the many aspects organizing such an event has to offer and help us make this second edition even more successful than the first!
  • Recruiting committee members:The Professional Development Committee organizes career events, workshops and seminars and promotes the resources at Yale available to assist all Postdocs in their professional development. As a committee member you will help organize these events and in the recruitment of speakers. Time commitment is solely based on your availability throughout the year - any help at all goes a long way towards helping Postdocs get the best out of their time and training at Yale.

Mentorship and Professional Development Committee

  • Calling for volunteers to lead Peer Professionalization Groups Program- We have an amazing opportunity to expand upon an initiative founded by the Office of Career Strategy (OCS) in which interested individuals can join small professionalization developing and mentoring groups. The YPA hopes to personalize the existing curriculum specifically to the needs of Yale Postdocs then set-up and run a pilot of this. The idea is to group postdocs with similar career trajectories/goals together and initiate monthly meetings so that there is a support network for them moving forward for job hunting. The pilot program will likely be 6 months in duration.  We welcome two enthusiastic volunteers to be in charge of planning and running Postdoc Peer Professionalization Groups in collaboration with the Office of Career Strategy (OCS). The expected time commitment for each volunteer is 2-3 hours/week. Once the groups are made, the workload will substantially reduce as you will only be virtually monitoring each group’s progress.

Communications Committee

  • Recruiting committee members- The Communications Committee manages the advertisement of all YPA and postdoc related events on campus through the website and social media. Expected weekly commitment of about 2-3 hours/week.

Advocacy Committee

  • Join us as an advocate – The Advocacy Committee advocates on behalf of postdocs to address unmet needs in the postdoc community, including those related to inclusion, diversity and their general wellbeing, and identify areas where the YPA can support postdocs to enrich their experience at Yale University.  As advocates, you will bring concerns that Yale postdocs want to address (such as childcare, mental health support, immigration and unconscious bias etc.) and identify resources via the YPA and Yale network to support each other.  Be an advocate for yourself and others.  More at