1st Annual Postdoc Symposium

We invite you to the First Annual Postdoc Symposium to be held on Friday, June 8th, 2018 in the Kroon Hall at Yale. The symposium welcomes Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists (ARS) from all departments and fields of research to present their work to the Yale research community. This event is sponsored by the Yale postdoctoral association and is free for postdocs and ARS.

Communicate. Explore. Connect. 

This symposium is a great opportunity for professional development and networking within the Yale community. The goals of this event are for you to:

  • Communicate your research
  • Explore the diversity of postdoctoral research performed at Yale
  • Connect with other postdocs

This day is designed to increase the visibility of Postdoc Research at Yale. This event will focus on the diversity of our community and our contribution to the research excellence at Yale. It will be a great way for you to discover new fields of research, connect with unexpected future collaborators in other departments, and increase your network in the research community. This event gives a unique opportunity to get more out of your Yale experience than spending days and nights in the lab.

The 2018 Organizin​g team

The organization of this first Postdoc Symposium at Yale was made possible by a team of exceptional postdocs. They invested their precious time to make sure the event will promote Postdocs on campus as well as generate a formidable opportunity for all postdocs.

  • Abstract Selection Team:  Nadia Ayala-Lopez, Maikel Boot, Katherine Cockburn, Smita Gopinath, Andrew Hastings, Radoslav Janostiak, Dragomir Milovanovic, Daniel Jianyu Wu, Yuan Xue.
  • Communications: Maikel Boot, Alexandre Jourdon, Zahra Rattray
  • Fundraising: Ryan LaRanger, Anne Wyllie, Kelson Zawack, Yuan Xue
  • Session Chairs & Talk Jury: Smita Gopinath, Susree Modepalli, Radoslav Janostiak, Maikel Boot, Alexandre Jourdon
  • Poster Jury: Nadia Ayala-Lopez,  Dragomir Milovanovic, Kelson Zawack, Daniel Jianyu Wu