Modern Instructor

For the inaugural Modern Instructor series, the YPA Mentorship Committee brings our instructors from a variety of disciplines of medicine, ecology, public health, medieval history, psychology and bioinformatics. Here are their topics and dates for the 2-sessions of 60 minute classes to graduate students and postdocs.  

  • Kalee De France, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

  • Mariateresa Mazzetto, Yale School of Medicine

  • Allison Karp, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Vidyadhara DJ, Yale School of Medicine

  • Stephanie Perniciaro, Yale School of Public Health

  • Ahuva Liberles, Yale’s Program in Medieval Studies

  • Tiffany Fitzpatrick, Yale School of Public Health

  • Ottavia Prunas, Yale School of Public Health

  • Aranyak Goswami, Yale School of Medicine