The organization of this second Postdoc Symposium at Yale was made possible by a team of exceptional postdocs. They invested their precious time to make sure the event will promote postdocs on campus as well as generate a formidable opportunity for all postdocs.

The organizers 2018 - 2019:

  • Elizabeth Acorn
  • Nadia Ayala-Lopez
  • Barbara Banz
  • Maikel Boot
  • Ilaria Domenicano
  • Sam Dundon
  • Maria Ferrara
  • Rolando Garcia Milian
  • Paul Arranz Gilbert
  • Gregory Hart
  • Anupama Hemalatha
  • Radoslav Janostiak
  • Alexandre Jourdon
  • Ryan LaRanger
  • Marianna Leonzino
  • Susree Modepalli
  • Mancy Tong
  • Chantal Vogels
  • Jianyu (Daniel) Wu
  • Anne Wyllie
  • Kelson Zawack


For complaints: the people in bold are the official Symposium Chairs. For applause please cc everybody...