Registration and guidelines

Registration is open!

You can register to attend the symposium and submit an abstract for presentation through the link at the bottom of the page

Before submitting an abstract please read carefully the guidelines below.

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, February 22nd, 2019. Note, that you will be able to modify your submission until this date.

Abstract will be selected for 3 types of presentations:

  • Long presentation (10 minutes)
  • Short presentation (3 minutes)
  • Poster

Each presentation type will be an unique opportunity for you to present your research to the amazing crowd of Yale Postdocs coming from different fields.

  • Long presentation speakers will present in details their project and will be able to answer questions. We intend to select the best of the best to demonstrate the excellence of Yale research at the postdoc level.
  • Short presentation, which could be considered a more difficult exercice,  requires to present efficiently your research project and get the audience excited about your topic. As 3 minutes is a short, unusual time for a scientific presentation, the Postdoc Symposium, in collaboration with CTL, will offer training for this format before the event to the selected postdocs.
  • Finally, for poster presentation, you should be able to introduce your topic in a discussion format during the poster sessions, and be able to guide postdoc unfamiliar to your topic through your poster.

See FAQ page for more information about the presentation and what is expected.


Abstract guidelines

Please consider the following guideline to be sure your abstract is accepted and correctly evaluated (download a pdf version).

  • Abstracts must be written for a general/broad/lay/multidisciplinary audience. Do not use jargon, abbreviations, symbols or non-english letters. Abstracts that have been submitted for presentations elsewhere are welcomed but must be updated accordingly to fit those requirements.
  • Please focus on the big-picture importance of your research rather than on extensive amounts of methods and data. Clarity is an important criteria for the overall evaluation of the abstract.
  • Abstract main text is limited to 300 words. The Title length is limited to 40 words and acknowledgement to 80 words. Please make sure non-english letters (ß, æ, é, etc.) are absent from text, title and acknowledgement.
  • Abstract must contain Introduction, Methods, Results (if applicable), Conclusion and General Impact.
  • Acknowledgement should list the sources of support of your research (limited to 40 words)
  • You must have all parts of your abstract (i.e. title, author list, main text and acknowledgment) ready before starting the submission process.
  • As we are using Google form, you must have a Gmail account to register. (Yet when asked about your email address please prefer your We won’t see any information from your gmail account. This allows you to modify your submission when logged-in with the same account and ensure that everyone is submitting only one abstract.
  • Each abstract will be evaluated by several members of the organizing committee according to the scoring rubric that can be found HERE
  • To promote diversity of presentation only one type of presentation will be allowed per person (either 10 min talk, 3 min talk or poster). See the specificity of each presentation format in the FAQ section. As the 10 min and 3 min talk are different exercices, please choose the type of presentation you want to do carefully. You have the option to select one or several types of presentations during the registration process. If you selected multiple presentations types, we will judge your abstract in the following order: 10 min talk > 3 min talk > Poster.
  • Your abstract and titles of abstracts will added to the Abstract Booklet, which will only be made available to those registered to attend the Symposium. If you do not want your abstract to be included in the symposium booklet, please contact us at





Any question or trouble with registration?