Who can register to attend the symposium?

Any Postdoc or Associate Research Scientist at Yale can attend the symposium.

To foster a welcoming environment for Postdocs to network and present, aside from a selected few guests, no PI/faculty members will be in attendance, nor will any graduate or undergraduate students.

If you have not done it yet, please register to attend our virtual 3rd Annual Postdoc Symposium.

Who will be presenting?

Any Postdoc or Associate Research Scientist (or equivalent level) can submit an abstract to be considered for presentation. We only ask that you are affiliated to Yale and that you present a project done at Yale (or in a Yale-associated structure). We also welcome presentations that can be of major interest to the community (tools, services, experiences, community improvement, etc).

What am I getting into?

  10 min Talk Flash Presentation Poster presentation
Time 10 minutes (+ 5min. questions) 3-4 min Poster session
Format ~2-10 Slides 1-2 slides (or no slides) Standard poster dimensions

Present an overview of your project and important findings in 10 minutes. Your work will be representative of the diversity and quality of the Postdoc research being conducted at Yale. The presentation must be understandable to a broad audience.

Present your research concisely! Consider this an "elevator-pitch" of your research in only 1-2 slides. This can be difficult to achieve but is a great exercise, as you presentation needs to be both accessible and efficient at delivering scientific ideas to broad audience (like recruiters...).

You can bring any poster and present your research during the poster sessions. This is a great way to present your research to other postdocs and have time to discuss in more detail what is happening in your lab. You are welcome recycle posters from previous conferences – just be sure to adapt your presentation to convey your work to postdocs that are not in your field.

Selection process details for abstract

Abstracts selected for 10 minute talks will best represent the diversity of Postdoc research being conducted at Yale and written in a way that ensures that they will appeal and be understandable by a broad audience. Scoring will be based on the quality and clarity of the abstract, as well as the novelty and interests of the results and conclusions.

Abstracts selected will showcase the diversity of Postdoc research being conducted at Yale. Scoring will put the emphasis on the quality of the abstract in term of clarity.

Abstract from all fields are welcome.

What are the guidelines for abstract?

All presentation formats (including the submitted abstract) should be accessible to a broad audience. Therefore we ask that you write your abstract specifically for our Postdoc Symposium. The abstract guidelines can be downloaded here. Please read them carefully before submitting.

You can also find the grading rubric which will be used to select abstracts for the different presentation types.

While this is a great opportunity to upcycle previously-submitted abstracts and posters, your abstract must be adapted to follow the guidelines for our symposium and be understandable by non-experts (lay audience). If you want to present a poster, we encourage you to bring one from a previous conference but you will have to be able to present it to postdocs that are not in your field.

Will there be prizes and awards?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, there will be prizes for best oral and poster presentations!

How can I contact the organizers to sponsor the event, obtain information, or ask for help?