Dhananjay Bhaskar

Role: Symposium Committee Coordinator
Dhananjay Bhaskar is a postdoc in Genetics at the School of Medicine and a Yale-Boehringer Ingelheim Biomedical Data Science Fellow. His interdisciplinary research combines topological data analysis, machine learning, and mathematical modeling with applications in biophysics and biomedical research. Previously he worked on quantitative analysis of pattern formation and phase transitions in active matter, automated embryo selection for IVF, and unsupervised methods for analyzing cell shape and motility in time-lapse microscopy. 
Dhananjay received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Sc.M. in Data Science from Brown University. Prior to Brown, he studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of British Columbia. When he is not busy transforming coffee beans into code, Dhananjay enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing badminton.