What is the YPA?

The Yale Postdoctoral Association (YPA) is an association composed of postdocs from across disciplines. Our goal is to create a broad sense of community and engagement among postdocs at Yale, as well as to help postdocs have a happy and successful experience at Yale. We organize career, professional development, and social events for the postdoctoral community and beyond.

Under the leadership of two chairs and assisstance of two secretaries , the YPA organizes events through four committees:

This structure helps us to organize the best events for the different needs of all postdocs and their families. The committees are also supported by the treasury and communication committees.

Want to get involved!?

We consider all postdocs at Yale to be members of the YPA. You are welcome to all events! But if you want to get actively involved, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Attend a Monthly Meeting - These occur every second Tuesday at 6p, are open to all postdocs and are a time for us to discuss what is going on in the YPA and listen to ideas from postdocs about new events and initiatives.
  2. Join a Committee - Each committee has a specific mission that you can find in our by-laws and two postdocs who act as coordinators for the subcommittee. If you join one committee you are welcome and encouraged to participate and help out with events for other committees as well.
  3. Take a Leadership Role - Due to the nature of being a postdoc, the coordinator and co-chair positions experience a good amount of turnover, and serving in one of these positions is a great way to help the postdoc community and looks great on your resume.
  4. Have fun - Participating in the YPA is a lot of fun, and is a great way to meet new people and develop organizational and leadership skills.

We hope you consider getting more involved in the YPA. Without volunteers the YPA simply would not exist, and the more people who are involved the better the organization will become!

Some examples of our past and current activities include:

- Monthly Happy Hour
Trips to NYC and Boston 
- Last Saturday at the Museum tours
- Invited talks showcasing resources at Yale for postdocs
- Professional development opportunities in collaboration with the Career Services
- Workshop and bootcamps to improve translational skills
- Night out at the Theater
- Saturday Board Game Night