5th Annual Postdoc Symposium

All Yale postdocs and Associate Research Scientists (ARS) are invited to participate in the 5th Annual Postdoc Symposium on Thursday, May 19thThis event will be held in person at OC Marsh Lecture Hall (Yale Science Building) with talks streaming via Zoom. Yale Postdocs and ARS from all departments and fields of research are welcome to present their work. The symposium is sponsored by the Yale Postdoctoral Association (YPA) and is free for all Yale postdocs and ARS.

Please register to attend and consider submitting an abstract to the 5th Annual Postdoc Symposium. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is  Friday, April 1.
The YPA symposium committee is NOW recruiting poster judges for the 5th Annual Symposium. If you are a Yale postdoc or ARS and interested in being a poster judge, please email sheila.nagamatsu@yale.edu and ypa.symposium@yale.edu for more information.

Communicate. Explore. C​onnect.

This symposium is an excellent opportunity for professional development and networking within the Yale community. The goals of this event are for you to:
  • Communicate your research
  • Explore the diversity of postdoctoral research performed at Yale
  • Connect with other postdocs
This event is designed to increase the visibility of postdocs and ARS research at Yale. It will focus on the diversity of the community and its contribution to Yale’s research excellence. The symposium is an excellent way to discover new research fields, connect with unexpected future collaborators, and increase your network in the Yale research community. This event will give you an opportunity to get more out of your time at Yale.