Buddy program

For a great start at Yale!

Idea: This program matches incoming postdocs with their colleagues already working at Yale. Current postdocs offer social support by answering questions about Yale, New Haven or postdoc life in general.

Benefits for current postdocs: An opportunity to share your experiences at Yale and all the cool and/or useful stuff you’ve discovered as a postdoc so far. This is also a great chance to extend your network to postdocs you might not otherwise have a chance to interact with.

Benefits for incoming postdocs: A personal point of contact to talk to about how to start life at Yale (eg. good neighborhoods for housing, travel and arrival plans, fun social activities, etc.). Once you arrive, it may also be useful to talk to a Postdoc Buddy about how to handle potential cultural shock or surprises about life in New England, or the U.S. in general.

Time commitmentThe program is typically 3 months long (2 months before the incoming postdoc arrives to New Haven, and 1 month after) but the time commitment is up to you and your buddy - from a few emails to Skype calls or meetings in person. Keeping this in mind, please find the recommended contact expectations below.

So, if you are an incoming postdoc, register here,  or if you are a current postdoc who wants to help newcomers, register here.

If you have any questions about the program or the registration process, please contact ypa.buddy@gmail.com.

What to expect from the buddy program?

Timeline Recommended contact
Current postdoc Incoming postdoc
Before arrival 1 - 2 emails preparing your buddy for arrival to Yale. Talk to your buddy and ask them about life at Yale and in New Haven.
After arrival
1 - 2 emails welcoming your buddy to Yale and potentially meeting in person. Ask your buddy about how to get around New Haven, resources available, etc.
1 Month after arrival
Hopefully we may welcome you as a
“current postdoc” in our buddy program!

Examples of useful questions or conversation topics:

  • How did your visa application go?
  • Where are good neighborhoods to live in New Haven?
  • Where can I get groceries?
  • Do I need a car or is there good public transport?
  • How can I get a US driving license?
  • How does the healthcare system work in the US, or in particular what are the benefits of Yale Health?
  • What are the common/uncommon payment methods in the U.S.?
  • What is the food like in New Haven? What’s the best pizza place?
  • How cold does it really get in Winter?
  • Why do Americans always ask “How are you?” and should I answer that question?

What is this program NOT about?

  • Can you organize an apartment in New Haven for me?
  •  want a pay rise, can you negotiate with my boss?
  • Could you help me with my visa?

If you encounter any difficulties while being a part of the Buddy Program or feel uncomfortable at any time, please let the Yale Postdoc Buddy Program Committee know - we are more than happy to help!

Please feel free to contact us: