Job Opportunities

Now YPA is connecting with company HR directly and post job opportunities specifically for yale postdocs. 

Update at May-7-2020

1. Company: Communication Partners Group

Deadline: End of October

Position and requirments: To apply please send your resume and cover letter with your salary range to Please indicate where you saw this job ad.

  1. Asistant Medical Director

2. Company: Arvinas

Position and requirments: interested candidates may apply online at  or send their letters/CV directly to Achal Pashine PhD, executive director, immunology and IO

  1. Senior Research Scientist

3. Company: Yale University

Position and requirments: One postdoctoral position will be immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Hongying Shen, assistant professor at Systems Biology Institute at Yale West Campus and Cellular & Molecular Physiology at Yale School of Medicine.

  1. Postdoctoral Associate

4. Company: University of Illinois

Position and requirments: two research positions open in the laboratory of Marlene Bouvier at the University of Illinois at Chicago to work on characterizing the role and function of the ERAP enzymes in the antigen processing and presentation pathway, and on mechanisms of immune evasion by Adenoviruses.

  1. Position 1
  2. Position 2