Advisory Board

The YPA Advisory Board is comprised of all former Board members and friends of the YPA who want to stay engaged and informed of the developments at the YPA and who want to help shape the organization.

Andrew Hastings

(Chair, 2016-2017)

Dragomir Milovanovic

(Chair 2017-2018; Communication Committee Coordinator 2016-2017)

Katherine Hastings 

(Co-Chair, 2016-2017; Professional Development Subcommittee Coordinator, 2016)

Florian Carle

(Founding Member & Co-Chair, 2014-2016)

Jens Jäger

 (Professional Development Subcommittee Coordinator, 2015 - 2016)

Judit Jimenez Sainz

(Community & Networking Committee Coordinator 2017-2018)

Jianyu (Daniel) Wu

(Chair 2018-2019; Treasury Committee Coordinator 2018; Communication Committee Coordinator 2016-2017)

William Khoury-Hanold

(Advocacy Committee Coordinator, 2017-2018)

 Alicja Puscian

Sam Dundon

(Chair, 2019; Community and Networking Committee Coordinator, 2018)

Chantal Vogels

(Advocacy Committee Coordinator, 2020; Professional Development Committee Coordinator, 2019)