Racial Justice Subcommittee

What we do

  • Our mission is to create a diverse, inclusive and supportive community of postdocs, whose voices and contributions are valued and respected. These goals include, broadly: assessment of diversity at Yale and education to the Yale community, recruitment of diverse candidates, amplifying and assisting with the YBPA’s goals of retention, support and community for URM postdocs, and community connections with New Haven, as well as existing groups at Yale, to ensure that postdocs at Yale are connected with and contribute to work relating to racial justice in the broader community. 
  • In service of this mission, we put on events, host speakers and workshops, facilitate discussions of race and racism within the post-doc community, support local activism, and fundraise for racial justice initiatives in the new haven community. 

How you can get involved

Prior events and newsletters


Danielle Chiaramonte, Jessica Molick, Aileen Fernandez, Aakash Kumar, Brionna David-Reyes, Paul Stillman, Michelle Song, Danielle Peterson, Judy Kim.

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